Cinemagraph by Jamie Beck: Animated Photography with Tutorials

Did you hear about Cinemagraph?, it’s basically a moving photograph. Its a very cool type of Photography that the images turn into alive and thats why your jaw may drop if you look below some of the piece of art of Jamie Beck and her fellow artist Kevin Burg. You will see The Tutorial Links after all the Cinemagraph. Enjoy!

New York City-based photographer Jamie Beck, in collaboration with Kevin Burg, a web designer with a background in video and motion graphics, has elevated the art of animated GIFs. In a post yesterday, we showcased some of Beck’s collaborations with supermodel Coco Rocha. After the post was published, Beck sent us a detailed message explaining her work process, which we’ve reproduced in part below. 


You can view all of Beck and Burg’s GIFs on Beck’s From Me To You tumblr. They hope to launch a separate portfolio website in the next week or so.










[typography font=”Lobster” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#2b82ed”]TUTORIALS:[/typography]
If you like to know how they did the Cinemagraph technique, then pay a visit to this Three Tutorials.
1. Positioning an animated gif over a jpg image
2. Cinemagraph Tutorial
3. How to make a cinemagraph with photoshop and after effects

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