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Collection of Free Responsive Web Design Templates : Site Template and WordPress

Responsive web design is a term that describes the concept of building a website design in a way that allows the layout to change depending on what screen resolution the viewer has.

For example, an advanced four-column layout that looks great with a screen width of 1280 pixels (or higher) could be simplified into a more simple 2-column layout on screens with 1024 pixels width and further down to a single column on small screens such as those on smartphones or small tablet computers.

It is an alternative to building separate mobile sites, and when done in a good way it can look really beautiful.


Here are some Great and Awesome Free  Responsive Web Design Templates. Enjoy Download!!

Yoko a Free HTML5/CSS3 WordPress 3.1+ Theme

Yoko is a modern and flexible WordPress theme. With the responsive layout based on CSS3 media queries, the theme adjusts to different screen sizes. The design is optimized for big desktop screens, tablets and small smartphone screens. To make your blog more individual, you can use the new post formats (like gallery, aside or quote), choose your own logo and header image, customize the background and link color.

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Whiteboard Framework

Whiteboard framework for WordPress was developed to speed up the process of developing a WordPress theme. Whiteboard does so by eliminating the time spent on code common to all WordPress themes and includes non-intrusive code that improves the overall WordPress theme in many ways – including SEO, speed, usability, and mobile support.

Built on the Popular Less Framework, Whiteboard utilizes both HTML5 and CSS3 and gives you a nearly unbeatable starting point for developing perfectly responsive WP themes.

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Seamless Responsive Photo Grid

A nice little experiment from Chris Coyier that you can download and use. It’s basically just a big grid of photos that instantly adjusts to difference browser window sizes.

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Constellation WordPress Theme

This theme has it all. Not only is it responsive, it’s built on HTML5 Boiler Plate and contains both a horizontal grid and a pixel perfect vertical rhythm that scales nicely across devices. This is the perfect starting point for your next WordPress project.

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Flexible WordPress Theme

Flexible is a WordPress Theme that helps present your content and display it to fit different screens sizes, with a design of your own. It also provides a really easy integration with Facebook and Fan Gate option, a must have if you are running a website.

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iTheme2 WordPress Theme

Golden Grid

Like Skeleton, Golden Grid is more than a template, it’s a framework for building responsive sites. Self-labelled as a folding grid for responsive design, the 16 columns can be combined, or folded, into 8 columns for tablet-sized screens, and into 4 columns for mobile-sized ones.

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Ari WordPress Theme

Ari is a very minimal blog theme that is super attractive in its simplicity. It’s built for WordPress 3 and up and features both a light and a dark theme. You’ll definitely want to give this one a look.

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Onextrapixel Responsive Web Design Template

A very basic but solid free template/tutorial for responsive web design. This is perfect if you just want to dig around and see how a simple responsive template works without all the fluff.

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Responsive Twenty Ten WordPress Theme

Responsive Twenty Ten is a child theme of the default WordPress theme with lots of great features like flexible images. The authors give you permission to “download, take, use, change, and do whatever you want with it.”

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Meerkats Responsive WordPress Theme

The Meerkats Theme is built to respond to different platforms and devices. It is a simple and basic WordPress theme built by Gregor McKelvie.

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Liquid Gem HTML Portfolio Template

Liquid Gem utilises CSS media queries and percentage layouts to give a completely responsive design. It also includes an image carousel, a fully working PHP contact form and a sample work page.

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